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Stewards of

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A commitment to stand the test of time.

JUPITER WEALTH is an SEC-registered investment advisor which serves highly affluent families with full-service solutions to managing their financial well-being. Jupiter is led by the Boon family out of their passion for exemplary service, conservative asset management, and multi-generational planning.  For nearly 20 years, the Boons and their associates have been managing portfolios and providing investment advice for wealthy client families across the United States. Jupiter Wealth’s home office is in the Cherry Creek area of Denver, Colorado, but the firm serves clients from coast-to-coast.

Because each client’s wealth is treated with the same careful precision that guides the Boon’s own financial resources, every client is literally like a member of the family, with a careful view of not just today but tomorrow—stewarding wealth for generations.

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A mission to make a difference.

Through our careful and disciplined investment process, we steward our clients’ financial futures as if they were our own, freeing them to invest in family, joy, and purpose.


The heartbeat of Jupiter Wealth is family. Because the firm was created out of Jim Boon’s vision to build a legacy for his own family, each client partakes of that same vision. We look at your investments with the same care we look at our own, so you can stay focused on the people that matter most to you.


Our clients are full of life. They’re not here to obsess over the latest headlines, track their performance by the minute, or get caught up in short-term schemes. They know that true fulfillment is a product of the long game and look for every opportunity to find happiness and contentment along the way.


We believe, as our clients do, that wealth should make a difference in the world. We are active members of our community and we help our clients make investments that are purposeful and imbued with their own sense of personal meaning.


A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.
— Jackie Robinson


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